Members of Parliamentarians’ Caucus on Disability

CRP’s activities unique, imitable
says Members of Parliamentarians’ Caucus

Members of Parliamentarians’ Caucus on Disability under the coordination of National Forum of Organizations Working with the Disabled (NFOWD) visited Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) on 27th September 2011. The team was headed by Advocate Abdul Matin Khasru, MP. Among other members of Parliamentarians’ Caucus, Mr. A B M Ghulam Mostafa, MP and Ms Rowshan Jahan Shathi, MP.  The reason for this visit was to gain practical knowledge about the services offered by CRP to people with disabilities.

Mr. Shafiq-ul Islam, Executive Director, CRP welcomed the team at CRP’s head office. Members of Parliamentarians’ Caucus were briefed on CRP’s services and activities by Mr. Shafiq-ul Islam which was followed by a cultural programme performed by students of CRP’s Inclusive Primary School and a thorough visit of CPR’s facilities. The team found CRP’s facilities interesting and hoped that the visit would help them to formulate realistic and supportive laws and policies which will uphold the rights and fundamental freedom of people with disabilities in Bangladesh. They hoped that CRP would continue to play an important role in the treatment and rehabilitation of people with disabilities in the future. In an interview to The Daily Star, a noted english daily of Bangladesh, Mr. Abdul Matin Khasru told “The way the CRP is working for the treatment and rehabilitation of the physically challenged people at almost free of cost is quite unique not only in Bangladesh but in the world. The combination of such commitment and cordial service is needed at every hospital in the country.” We would recommend to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to increase governmental allocation for the CRP, he added.



A Project Agreement on Mental Health was Signed between CRP and Kilmore Parish Church & Friends, Ireland

A very special project agreement named –Regaining Skills through Occupation and Rehabilitation in Mental health was signed between CRP and Kilmore Parish Church & Friends, Ireland on July 21,2014. From CRP Executive Director Md. Shafiq ul Islam and Head of Occupational Therapy Department Md. Zulkar Nayan and from Kilmore Parish Church &


Profile of Md. Abdullah

Abdullah, a 16 year old boy, who worked in the street of Dhaka City for the quest of earning. At his early age he left home for extra income and had no contact with his parents. He was passing his strenuous life in Dhaka City as usual with other street children. He got primary education before but did not continue for lack of family support.

Once he was working in the Komlapur Railway Station carrying passenger’s loads.When he stood with other children beside a large water drum, a train ticket checker came and pushed him to move away from there. At that moment, a running train came very near to Abdullah. He could not move from the railway plates immediately and got stuck with the railway slippers.



Md. Saju, a 24 year old young man, lived in Mukkhopur at Trishal Thana under the Mymensingh District with his Father Mr.Tahajjul Islam, who earned their livelihood by farming. Saju could not receive higher education so he involved in farming with his father. Once he was climbing a big mango tree in his village to collect some mangoes for his family,


Inauguration of E-library and computer laboratory at BHPI

Mr. Aditya Gaiha,Director, Social Window/Administration & Finance and Mr. Philip Baidya, Assistant Director, Social Window of SAARC Development Fund (SDF) Secretariat,  visited CRP’s BHPI Library on 29th June 2014 and inaugurated E-library & Computer Laboratory at BHPI. The hardware and software of the e-library is funded by SDF under the project of Regional Inter-professional Master’s pr ogram in Rehabilitation Science.

CRP Received Service Innovation Fund from a2i

The UNDP-supported Access to Information (a2i) Programme started in 2007 and it is under implementation by the Prime Minister’s Office. This program has already completed the first round of Service Innovation Fund & declared the names of the winners for the second round. We are delighted to share that CRP is one of the recipients of the second round.


World day of Remembrance