Despite the large percentage of its funding coming from overseas, CRP recognises the importance of having a base of supporters in Bangladesh. FCRP-Bangladesh is less involved in strategic fundraising than overseas FCRP groups but plays a vital role in the operation of CRP. Members participate in functions, fundraising events, conferences and seminars. Others provide invaluable logistical support and professional advice. CRP also receives many individual donations from members of FCRP-Bangladesh. CRP is very fortunate to have such a loyal group of supporters who feel a sense of responsibility towards CRP and its work.


For details please contact

Donor Liaison Officer

Mobile: +88- 0-1713016587

E-mail: fundraising@crp-bangladesh.org


Officer Fundraising & Development

Mobile: +88-0-1730059611

E-mail: frd@crp-bangladesh.org