Alfazuddin Gazi started a new life


Alfazuddin Gazi started a new life

My name is Alfazuddin Gazi from Kolarao, Satkhira and this is my reintegration story.

Before my accident, I used to work at the fields like most men in my neighborhood. One day, I was carrying a heavy sack of potatoes as usual, but I slipped, and the sack dropped on my neck. I could feel an instant stinging pain. When I tried to get up, my legs and hands had no strength. The feeling of helplessness I had at that moment cannot be compared to anything else.

My family brought me to CRP. I stayed here for seven long months. I wondered if I could ever go back to my home to Satkhira. As I was the only earning member in my family of four, this accident shattered my family,emotionally and financially. Moreover, I was very depressed due to my vulnerability. I thought about running a small business after going home but did not know where to start. However, CRP trained me on shop management and I was then ready to initiate my own business.

Through CRP, I received a donation of 21,600 BDT from Corona to buy grocery items for my shop. I still remember the day the three people from CRP came for a home visit and gave me hope for a new future. I had everything I needed to start a successful shop in my small neighborhood and it opened on 10th December 2014. Soon, I had many regular customers. Although my wife was not very happy with me after my accident, she managed to fit in.

It has now been ten years since my accident and I am an entrepreneur. I have accepted my disability as a part of my daily life. I can do most of my daily chores alone, but sometimes I require help from my family members. If I had a ramp at home, it would be a great privilege. The fact that I can provide for my family gives me peace. CRP recommended during their last visit that I should expand my business. I look forward to a bright future for myself and my family.