CRP has been working in Bangladesh from 1979 especially for the Spinal Cord Injured patients for their treatment and rehabilitation purpose. Gradually the basic services such as Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and language therapy and other services were established in the centre. At present CRP is providing holistic services to the persons with disabilities in Bangladesh including treatment, training, rehabilitation and community reintegration support. CRP is also providing the P&O services to the amputee patients. CRP is running an inclusive school for the children with disabilities and providing services to the CWDs through its paediatric department. This department is providing services to the NDD, CP, Autism and other forms of CWDs.


A new idea has come from a demand by parents of young people with disabilities, that their 

offspring need safe accommodation for when their parents are no longer alive and can look 

after their children.  Plans are afoot to build a 6 storied building with two persons with 

disabilities on each floor.   


CRP Project

Access & Empowerment