Inclusive Job Centre(IJC)

Inclusive Job Centre (IJC)

The Inclusive Job Centre (IJC) was established in October 2015 at CRP-Mirpur. The IJC was initiated and funded under the Promotion of Social and Environmental Standards in the Industry (PSES) project, This is a joint project between the Government of Bangladesh and Germany, being implemented by the Deutsche GesellschaftfürInternationaleZusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.The IJC coordinatesthe integration of disabled people into the work place by providing training facilities and rehabilitation services. The potential employers are in the RMG and Leather sector. This is a platform for information sharing, advisory services and increasing the depth of knowledge in this area. The job-searchis then based on individual needs and competencies.

Functions of the IJC:

  • Identification  of Persons with Disabilities through community mobilization
  • Capacity assessment of the persons with disabilities for skill training and job placement
  • Referrals for rehabilitation and facilitation of skills training
  • Counselling Services
  • Support to keep people in their jobs
  • Job portal

The IJC is running a job portal where persons with disabilities can find employment opportunities in the RMG and Leather industries. The job portal ( been created to develop connections between the job seekers with disabilities and the employers.


Achievements of IJC in this reporting year:

  • 151 persons with disabilities were assessed during this period
  • Job placement-37 persons with disabilities were placed at 16 factories.
  • Counselling service provided- 182 persons with disabilities received counselling
  • Demand based support: 06assistive deviceswere provided



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