Kirstie Marce Campbell


I am Kirstie Marce Campbell. I am 22, a second year Physiotherapy student at York St John University, UK. Once Valerie visited our university and her inspirational speech encouraged me to visit CRP and here I am now. I came to CRP on 1st March, 2017 for a ten weeks placement. During my stay I worked in paediatrics, neurology and the musculoskeletal unit.  I have learnt different ways of how physiotherapy is practiced here and also have shared other techniques which are used in the UK. I enjoyed my time at CRP, meeting new people who do amazing work, but the language barriers and the heat have been very challenging at times. I enjoyed visiting the world’s longest sea beach at Cox’s Bazar. My visit to CRP and Bangladesh broadened my knowledge regarding culture outside of England and I learnt a lot of other physiotherapy practices which will be useful when I return home.