Joanne Belle


I am Joanne Belle, an occupational therapy student at York St John University, UK. I wanted to come to CRP to experience a different culture and to consider occupational therapy beyond a western perspective. During my eleven weeks final placement at CRP, I spent my time treating patients in the neurology and spinal cord injury unit. Whilst at CRP, I was privileged to be educated by passionate and knowledgeable occupational therapists who are eager to learn and continuously improve their practice.

I was fortunate enough to see the different ways in which people perform their activities of daily living, understand the priorities and goals of patients at CRP and gain an appreciation for living life without the security of a welfare system.

I truly enjoyed my time at CRP, however I wish that I had more experience to share with the occupational therapists who work here. This is something I hope to bring with me when I revisit in the future.

After CRP, I will be applying for my first occupational therapy job and I hope that my experiences at CRP will stand me in good stead. I feel that the welcome I received here has been second to none and I have been overwhelmed at the kindness and generosity I was shown. I hope that when I am in a position to teach students in the future I will carry this ethos with me.