Story of a father and a son


Story of a father and a son

This is the sad story of the father and son who met a terrible accident and lost their controls over their lower limbs after the tragedy.

65 years old Mohammad Ali and 28 years old Shahinur Rahman are from Debiganj Thana of Panchgarh district. Of a family of 6 members, they were the 2 of the 3 earning members. Mohammad Ali used to do agricultural works as well as perform the duties of an Imam in a local mosque. His son, Shahinur Rahman was a worker at a local company. They both held steady works that helped to run their big family.

On December 15th of 2018, the duo were heading on a microbus to the wedding of Ali’s other son. On the way, the microbus clashed with a speedy bus and due to the impact, Mohammad Ali and Shahinur, sitting in the last seat, left with broken spines. They were immediately rushed to Rangpur hospital where they went through several tests. Tests revealed that Mohammad Ali’s D-11 and D-12 sections of the spine was broken and Shahinur’s T-63 section was broken. They went through operations.

On January 27th of 2019, they were advised to come to CRP, Savar. Both of them received physiotherapy, occupational therapy and counseling services during their 4 months stay at CRP. Their therapist says that although they will be wheelchair bound for their whole lives, if they try harder, they might be able to regain their lower limb functions a bit. Mohammad Ali’s improvements are limited due to his age. On the other hand, his son Shahinur is very eager to his improvement and giving his fullest efforts.

Mohammad Ali plans to resume his work at his local mosque as a Quran tutor. On the other hand, Shahinur plans to receive vocational training on computer and then open a small IT business at his locality. They both believe that CRP has given them a new direction and hope to live their lives.