I am Amy Kang from USA. I am a registered nurse and I came to CRP as a guest lecturer at CRP Nursing College. I stayed in CRP for one and a half month. I came to know about CRP from Sarah Tallman who is also volunteering in Occupational Therapy Department at CRP. CRP was a very nice place to live and all the staffs and students were very friendly and welcoming. I encouraged the nursing students to respect their profession and be active in their duties. While working at CRP I faced some challenges like the language barrier and the cultural differences but it was very easy to adjust as people were very helpful and caring. I found the role of women very different and challenging in Bangladesh. Nursing is not regarded as an honorable profession in this country while in countries like ours it is one of the most prestigious professions. So, I think these types of thoughts should be changed. During my stay in CRP I was very fond of getting acquainted with patients and their families. I enjoyed visiting the Cerebral Palsy kids to their homes. I loved Bangladeshi clothes, foods, manner of eating with the left hand and so on. I think CRP is doing a great job in Bangladesh but the nursing students should be more active. It would be great if the patients lying on beds can be mobilized sooner. I would like to come back to CRP if I get such opportunities.